Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Celebrating You in Purple!

This is a very special birthday card from a very special friend.  Jen and I have been stamping together for about 10 years or more and have become great friends.  I can't image not having her in my life!  She is such a blessing and is amazing at crafting and designing.  She also has the patience to cut and work the intricate stuff I do not have the patience for.  I am not such a fussy cutter.  My favorite color is purple and she did a beautiful job with adding purple with the right amounts of green and other shades to make a lovely color combo. I also love distressing and this card has it on the outside and the inside.  I feel so blessed to have someone take the time to make me something so wonderful and make me feel special!  
I hope you have a blessed Wednesday and thank you for stopping by!


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