Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Actually it is my first Mother's day without my first born with me.  My college girl left yesterday to head back to school for 6 weeks of summer classes and returns home around June 21st.  We went out to celebrate Friday night and I have my baby (who is 16) here today but it just ain't the same!
Love that girl. We went to get our nails done together on Wednesday (pic above).
She made several cards herself while home but I just love this one!  This was my Mother's Day.  She made the kimono herself.  She also works the big shot like a pro! It says love in Japanese. .
I am so proud of her!

Here is a pic of my baby boy so I am not showing favor!

Displaying IMG_20140420_082257_822-1.jpg
Love this guy, too!

Have a Happy Mother's Day!


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