Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Season of Style This & That Journal!

I keep pretty intense records from every Christmas.  I do not know if I am alone in this but I can go back to my daughter's first Christmas and tell you what we did, what I bought that year for gifts, decor, etc. and what gifts we received.  This will be her 19th Christmas, so you can see I have a large notebook full of info.  Well this year I decide to start recording some things in my This and That journal.  I decorated the cover with the help of SU! Season Of Style Designer Journal Tags.  These were a gift from my friend Patti and made this task easy.  You can purchase sticker for inside and my fav sticker on my calendar is for Cyber Monday (this year Dec. 2nd).  It just says Cyber Monday then a check box for Pants and a check box for No Pants.  I checked no pants for that day!!  Really I will be at the gym (with pants on) and then gearing up for my annual tags class on Tues.  Thought I would share as we have only 4 more weeks until Christmas so planning is key!!!!    
Hope you are ready for a wonder Thanksgiving Day!
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